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  1. Wow! The things you see!Awwww! Your brecas are so pretty. Hope you\’re doing well with them. Choosing colors was about the only thing Rebekah ever enjoyed about brecas.i almost wrecked the car trying to get to my camera so i could get that pic. i couldn\’t get a close enough look to see the purpose of that fire, but I\’m sure there was one. the brecas aren\’t too bad. just when they\’re tightened

  2. We’ve run across this beorfe and found out that there is food being smoked in the little pail on the back of the bike. What we had was possibly smoked fish. We eat a lot of street food and are proud to declare it the worst street food ever.

  3. I’m presenting at a desaiocn-sponsored event this October to assist the faithful with the adoption of the new translation. It will be difficult to prepare adequately without having the final texts!Fr. Ruff, on a somewhat related note, I was wondering if you or someone else might compare/contrast the process of translation between the Revised Grail Psalter and the Roman Missal. I understand there are many elements that make this apples and oranges, but it might be valuable in understanding how the process affects the outcome. And while both texts are very different, they both exist for the purpose of facilitating prayer.

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    The beauty of the NFL Draft lies in its unpredictability.
    Teams move up in the draft to nab a player they particularly covet. Others move back in the process because the guy they have targeted can be selected later. Some teams reach on a player who didn鈥檛 expect to hear his name called in the first round. The result can be excellent prospects 鈥?who felt great about going in the first round…

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    By Braden Gall, 2 months 3 weeks ago
    The NFL has got it all figured out. The most powerful, popular and lucrative sport in the history of sports has turned its annual schedule release into saliva-inducing, must-see TV for football-starved fans across the country.
    And for the most part, all but two games have already been decided for every team. NFL schedules are fairly set in stone in terms of opponents. Each team rotates…

    By Mark Ross, 4 months 1 hour ago
    While the 2013 NFL season may not start on the field for another six months, the off-the-field business begins in earnest on Tuesday when the new league year officially begins. More specifically, the action will really heat up when free agency commences at 4 p.m. ET.
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    Note: 2012 Record includes playoffs, if applicable.
    1. San…

    By Mark Ross, 5 months 5 days ago
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    By the way, the temperature in the Big Apple as of game time on Sunday night was a brisk…

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    What defines a great play?
    Degree of difficulty? Gravity of the moment? The greatness of the players involved and their place in NFL history? Entertainment factor? How about all of the above.
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    Athlon Sports’ weekly rankings of NFL teams. The New England Patriots have taken over the top spot. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs remain locked into the No. 1 pick in this April’s NFL Draft.
    Here are our NFL Power Rankings following the NFL Playoffs’ Divisional Round:
    1. Patriots (13-4) Aim for sixth Super Bowl of Belichick-Brady era.2. 49ers (12-4-1) Alex Smith who? Colin Kaepernick…

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    Athlon Sports’ weekly rankings of NFL teams. The Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons head into the playoffs as the No. 1 seeds in the AFC and NFC, respectively. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs have locked up the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft.
    Here are our NFL Power Rankings following the NFL Playoffs’ Wild Card Weekend:
    1. Broncos (13-3) Peyton Manning 2鈥? vs. Ravens in postseason.2. Falcons…
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    CFT Solutions , a Seawolf Holdings company was founded on the idea of creating an innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to prevent snow and ice from accumulating.
    CFT s patent-pending innovation is in embedding carbon fiber tapes under the pavement to heat the surface, which are easy to install and maintain. This system is ideal for high pedestrian traffic walkways, roads, high usage road intersections, bridges and roofs of buildings, as well as domestically for driveways and home roofs. It was successfully [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Mets-7-Jose-Reyes-blue-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-41/]Mets 7 Jose Reyes blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] tested in Anchorage during the winter of 2011-12, which had a record snowfall for the area. Learn more about the testing .
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    Knowing how dangerous a sleek sidewalk is to pedestrians in winter, I could not wait to test the material in a more challenging winter conditions like we have here in Alaska, Yang said. With a generous grant from Alaska University Transportation Center, their collaboration was born.
    This is the second startup company for UAA since it established Zensor in April earlier this year.
    Creating our second startup company within few months of our first, illustrates UAA s upward trend in commercialization and how our research can contribute solutions for local and national needs, said Wisniewski, who develops and oversees the business infrastructure for commercialization of faculty and student research. This infrastructure led to the establishment of Seawolf Holdings and Seawolf Venture Fund, and a world class Board of Directors including corporate CEOs, venture firm partners and entrepreneurs.
    For more information about Yang s research and the inception of CFT Solutions, visit:

    Read more about Professor Yang s work at:
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  126. DUBLIN Bearing rosary beads and placards declaring “Kill the bill! Not the child,” more than 35,000 anti-abortion activists marched Saturday through Dublin to demand that the Irish government scrap plans to legalize terminations for women in life-threatening pregnancies.
    Demonstrators from across Ireland, a predominantly Catholic island of 6.5 million, marched for two hours through the capital to Leinster House, the parliament building, where lawmakers next week are expected pass the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. Speakers demanded that the government put its bill to a national referendum. “Let us vote!” the crowd chanted.
    The two-year-old coalition government of Prime Minister Enda Kenny drafted the bill following last year’s death of a miscarrying woman in an Irish hospital. Three investigations since have determined that Savita Halappanavar, a 31-year-old Indian dentist, died from blood poisoning one week after admission for a miscarriage. Doctors denied her pleas for an abortion, even though her uterus had ruptured, because the 17-week-old fetus still had a heartbeat. By the time it stopped, investigations concluded, Halappanavar already had contracted a lethal dose of septicemia.
    Justice Minister Alan Shatter said Saturday that, had the bill been law last year, Halappanavar might have received a prompt abortion and survived. He appealed to anti-abortion rebels in the main government Fine Gael party to accept the bill or abstain from the final vote expected Wednesday night. The bill received overwhelming backing in an initial vote this week.
    Ireland outlaws abortion, a position underscored by a 1986 referendum amending the constitution to declare that the [url=http://www.agoshow.net/2009-All-Star-Detroit-Tigers-35-Verlandea-Blue-Jerseys-8/]2009 All Star Detroit Tigers 35 Verlandea Blue Jerseys[/url] unborn have a right to life. But the Supreme Court in 1992 ruled that the constitution equally defends the pregnant woman’s right to live, therefore life-saving abortions were legal.
    Crucially, Ireland’s highest court said this meant a woman should receive an abortion even if the only threat to her life was caused by her own suicide threats. Six governments since have refused to pass legislation backing that 1992 judgment, leaving obstetricians divided and confused over whether certain life-saving abortions can be performed legally.
    In 2011, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Ireland’s failure to legislate meant pregnant women in dangerous medical conditions were forced to travel overseas, chiefly to neighboring England, for abortions. It said [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Cardinals-50-Adam-Wainwright-Road-Cool-Base-Grey-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-94/]Cardinals 50 Adam Wainwright Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] travel and bureaucratic delays meant some women’s medical conditions worsened unnecessarily.
    The government bill would permit an abortion for a suicidal woman if a panel of three doctors – one obstetrician and two psychiatrists – unanimously agree that the woman’s threats are real. Abortion rights advocates say this rule means women in such circumstances still will travel to England, where abortion was legalized in 1967.
    But those marching Saturday warned that women would conspire with sympathetic doctors to fake suicide threats, putting Ireland on a slippery slope to wider abortion access. Ireland is just one of two European Union members, alongside Malta, that outlaws the practice.
    Before the march, Catholic Archbishop Diarmuid Martin led a central Dublin church in prayers for Ireland to keep abortion illegal. But in a nuanced sermon Martin told the crowd, among them families sitting on the floor beside packed pews, that pro-life campaigners must be careful not to come across as heartless to those on the other side of the debate.
    Martin said those seeking to keep abortion out of Ireland must make their case “not through slogans but through the witness of life that we give.” If not, he said, “what we say will appear, to quote Pope Francis, as being cold, impersonal and oppressive for people’s day-to-day lives.”

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  132. LOS ANGELES Made with assurance and deep emotion, “Fruitvale Station” is more than a remarkable directing debut for 26-year-old Ryan Coogler. It’s an outstanding film by any standard.
    Featuring a leap-to-stardom performance by Michael B. Jordan, “Fruitvale’s” demonstration of how effective understated, naturalistic filmmaking is at conveying even the most incendiary reality is as hopeful as the story it tells is despairing.
    “Fruitvale” won both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at Sundance, as well as the Un Certain Regard Prize of the Future at Cannes, and its story is a true one, a narrative that created national shock waves when it happened.
    Early on New Year’s Day 2009, Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old unarmed black man, was shot in the back and killed by a transit policeman at the BART system’s Fruitvale station in Oakland, Calif. It was an event that went viral as transmitted cellphone videos of the incident sparked outrage and demonstrations.
    An Oakland resident studying at the University of Southern California’s film school at the time, Coogler not only identified closely with Grant (“It was kind of like it happened to me, or someone I knew,” he said at Sundance) but he also, as the finished movie demonstrates, understood both the sources of the event’s emotional impact and its implications for the never-ending story of race and power in America.
    It’s Coogler’s empathetic talent to be alive to what is happening on-screen, to know how much weight to place on any given moment, and best of all, to understand that the difference between giving things their due (rather than overdoing it) is the key to dramatic impact. A natural storyteller, he has the ability to let narrative simply unfold, to bring us in on the inside of a life even while working under the constraints of a tight budget and a 20-day shooting schedule.
    What makes “Fruitvale” so effective is its determination to do justice to all aspects of Grant’s character, to resist the temptation to view him as anything other than the full, flawed human being we see on-screen.
    In this, Jordan – memorable as the conflicted young drug dealer Wallace in “The Wire” – is essential. Coogler wrote the role of Grant, Osc to his friends, with the actor in mind. Not only does Jordan have Grant’s distinctive smile but he also, Coogler said at Sundance, can convey the particular combination of “warmth and an edge” that makes us feel we are experiencing the man as he must have been.
    The director made the wise decision to start “Fruitvale Station” with those viral phone videos, so we can see both how abrupt and shocking his death was and be under no illusions about how this film is going to end. Far from making the rest of “Fruitvale” anticlimactic, knowing as a viewer what no one on-screen knows grounds this film in an unmistakable way, giving it a sense of tragic inevitability that grows as the minutes tick away.
    “Fruitvale Station” begins almost exactly 24 hours before it ends, with an early morning Dec. 31 argument between Oscar and Sophina (a fine Melonie Diaz), his girlfriend and the mother of their 4-year-old daughter, Tatiana (Ariana Neal). Oscar has been caught cheating, and though his regret and commitment to the relationship seem sincere, Sophina is finding it difficult to trust him and move on.
    Oscar has particular plans for this day, and not [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Brewers-8-Braun-Blue-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-32/]Brewers 8 Braun Blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] because it is New Year’s Eve. In fact, though he and Sophina might catch the fireworks in San Francisco, he tells a friend it’s all going to be “nothing major, low key. It’s going to be chill.”
    What makes this day special for Oscar is that it’s the birthday of his mother, Wanda (“The Help’s” Academy Award-winning Octavia Spencer in an especially strong performance), and he has to pick up the cake and the seafood for Grandma Bonnie’s [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Blank-Black-2011-All-Star-Jerseys-96/]Blank Black 2011 All Star Jerseys[/url] gumbo that will be the highlight of the family celebration.
    As Oscar gets this done, stopping by Joe’s Market, where he used to work, to get the crabs, we get to see his warm side, the helpful way he puts Katie (Ahna O’Reilly), a customer who needs cooking advice, on the phone with Grandma Bonnie. This affection is especially visible in his relationship with his daughter, whom he clearly adores.
    But, as the day moves on, we also hear about and see the things that have bedeviled Oscar. Chronic lateness cost him his job at Joe’s, he’s been in prison, and he’s unnervingly quick to anger, a genuine good nature turning to livid fury in an instant.
    As much as “Fruitvale Station” makes no attempt to hide these things, it is also insistent that they do not define the man. Oscar’s determination to change, to turn his difficult life around and make it better, could not be more sincere. By the time this terribly moving film is over, the fact that he was not given the chance seems genuinely tragic.
    Kenneth Turan: kenneth.turan@latimes.com
    Rating: No MPAA rating
    Running time: 1 hour, 24 minutes
    Playing: In limited release

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  147. Courtesy of superstorm Sandy’s continuing aftershocks, twothirds of Long Island’s public school districts have opted to eliminate part, if not all, of the February vacation to make up for the missed school days after the storm..

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